“I am a huge fan of collaborations. The knitting world thrives on it, and it’s always exciting to see what different people bring to the table and how we all riff off each other. I was so excited by the premise of The Yarn Collective, not only for its collaboration between dyer and designer, but as a chance to work more closely with other designers I respect and admire. I can’t wait to keep playing!

I’ve enjoyed so much the exploration of color. This gave me the opportunity to explore the difference between what colors I love versus what colors I want to wear—and the ways to find a bridge between the two. It was a challenge to articulate my feelings exactly about the nuances of the colors I chose, but I learned so much from the process and am so happy with the colors that emerged!

I am looking forward to really delving into the combinations of the colors together. I am a stripe girl to the core, and I can’t wait to try all my colors together. It’s like my very own custom box of crayons!”