“As I designer I’m usually involved at the end stage with yarn. I find a yarn I like, pick the colour I want and work with that. Sometimes this works very well but other times it leaves you longing for a little bit more control. Working with the Yarn Collective has turned the whole process on it’s head and allowed me to be involved at the starting stages! This has opened up a whole new level of design possibilities for me right from the start. As with most people I’ve got definite colour favourites. As a designer you try to keep a balance in the colours you use so that it’s not too unbalanced. Working with the Yarn Collective has allowed me to play favourites and indulge in some of my favourite colours and colour collections. I also feel privileged to work with such fantastic fellow designers to bring this Yarn Collective to life and I hope together we can create a really interesting and unique collective. Going forward I’m looking forward to seeing what other designers do with my yarn colours in the future, taking it in new directions!”